Agri Sourcing

FCL has one of the leading agri-sourcing operations in the country. The golden harvest of Indian farmers – rice, sugar, wheat, oil seeds, pulses, dry fruits, spices and much more are sourced through 51 centres across India for further grading, quality checks, processing, packaging and distribution.

These are then further processed at 6 mechanized centres, for example, pulses in Indore, wheat at Nimrani in Madhya Pradesh, north-based spices in Sonepat, Haryana and south-based spices in Bangalore.

Full quality compliance processes including third-party audits, Agmark certification, FSSAI compliance, batch level traceability are adhered and distributed across delivery centres to cater to modern and traditional retail requirements. A dedicated team of 200 people including entrepreneurs with generations of experience and 25 buyers lead various functions.