FCL shall become the creator and provider of the Food Palate for a diverse and evolving India. We will continuously strive to upgrade the overall food consumption.


FCL will leverage consumer insights and cater to India's diversity by sharing the joy of food and its bounty with all its stakeholders.


At FCL, we believe in the act of celebrating and sharing the bounty of food. This belief in sharing propels us to be fair, caring and responsible towards our consumers, associates, partners and society at large.

The success of FCL in various facets represents a disciplinary culture induced with strong leadership thoughts. A company which has built India's first ever integrated commodity sourcing model, FCL's vast platform is equipped with diverse food production capabilities.

FCL is constantly innovating in every aspect of its value chain (from sourcing, product development, branding and packaging) to create brands in categories that India had not invested in so far.